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American Corporate Services offering 3 Internships for Russians & Ukrainians

San Francisco – American Corporate Services, Inc. (ACS) announced today that it is now offering three (3) Internships for candidates graduated from Russian or Ukrainian Universities.

One of the three positions will be reserved exclusively for postgraduate students or candidates.

The interns will study and work in San Francisco, headquarters of ACS, where they will be mentored in the practical aspects of U.S. Corporate Law, Business Law, Accounting, Bookkeeping, Immigration Law, Securities Law, Public Relationships, Marketing, and Principles of Business Management. The two-year internship program will also offer special training in understanding the often subtle nuances required to avoid misunderstandings and ensure smooth business and personal relationships between the Americans, Russians and Ukrainians.

In order to qualify for the internships, candidates must be able to demonstrate fluency in both spoken and written American English.

A significant benefit of the internship program is that the interns will be able to obtain a Green Card for permanent residence in the United States at the end of the program. In addition, interns’ spouses and children may accompany them during their training period and will be able to obtain their Green Cards at the end of the program as well.

In making the announcement, ACS President Dr. Gregory Finkelson said, “Offering these internships is a major milestone for us at American Corporate Services. We believe that by offering hands-on training and mentoring, our interns will eventually be able to positively impact the lives of many more Russian and Ukrainian people than we could possible accomplish on our own. The program is not just about teaching them about the opportunities available in the USA. It is about teaching them how to effective share the same opportunities with others. It is our hope that that will be our legacy to the Russian, Ukrainian and the American people.”