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Most states require a periodic report that updates an LLC’s or a corporation’s basic information. As a minimum, this report typically provides current information regarding the principle business location, the name and address of the registered agent, and the names of the company’s officers.

Failure to maintain a registered agent or to file the annual report as required by the individual state may result in the company losing its good standing. Without a current Certificate of Good Standing a company may not be able to secure additional financing for operations or expansion. In order to ensure that companies comply with filing requirements, many states also require registered financial institutions to secure a copy of the loan applicant’s certificate.

Companies are expected to comply with deadlines and filing requirements for all government reports without prompting from the particular government agency to which they are due. It is, therefore, not uncommon to misunderstand or forget when your annual reports are due.

One of the most important services that ACS offers is taking care of your day-to-day and annual reporting needs, freeing you to focus on successfully operating your business and achieving your company objectives.

American Corporate Services, Inc.:

  • Alerts you when an annual report is about to come due
  • Confirms the accuracy of the required information
  • Makes any needed updates on the required forms
  • Files the form with the proper governmental agency
  • Notifies you of the successful filing

Failure to file correctly and on time is seldom done maliciously, but the consequences for that failure are the same, regardless of intent. No company can afford the otherwise unnecessary inconvenience of often extensive corrective action to regain their good standing simply because they failed to file a report on time.

You can trust ACS to ensure that your reports are filed on time every time.