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The United States of America is one of the most trustworthy countries in which to establish a business. Having a US company is safe, prestigious and beneficial. That's why many entrepreneurs, running their own companies, for instance, in Russia, consider more and more often the opportunity to invest money wisely and develop further, setting up a business in the US. Entrepreneurs having enough finances to establish a business in the US have several options. One is buying a firm abroad.

How to purchase a business in the US

If you have enough assets but have no time to register a company abroad, you’ll benefit from buying an already established business. Do take a serious approach; investigate thoroughly the company so as to buy a firm which does not just keep its head above water at the moment, but is able to compete for years. A shelf company overseas saves time on document preparation, staff formation, a search of contractors and efficient channels of promotion, and on positioning its products.

Nevertheless purchasing a business in the US involves risks. First, it requires a considerable sum of money which is to be paid, as a rule, all at once. Second, one can carelessly buy a firm that has passed its maturity stage and is falling into decline. Here only a professional can keep the firm from bankruptcy.

Thus, while analyzing what business to do in the US, you should collect maximum data on the target company. It must not just stay afloat at the moment of purchase, but must be able to keep up with business competitors for a long time. Buying a shelf-company will save time on documents, personnel recruitment and selection of suppliers, on product or service promotion and marketing placement.

How to get a Green Card or the US visa by purchasing a business

L-1 Visa

To get an L-1 visa you must own a company operating for 3 years or more, established for example in Russia, Ukraine or other CIS country. You must have worked at the firm over a year. The company opens a representative office overseas, a branch or subdivision, or it buys an American firm, and assigns you, as a top manager, to head the new office. Moreover, specialization of a parent company and specialization of the associated company need not correspond at all.

With an L-1 visa you will be able to go to the States with a family, children under 21 included. The marital partner of a visa holder receives permission to work for an American company and the children are be able to attend a school or a university in the US. The L-1 visa is granted for a period of one to three years with a possible extension to seven years in total.

E-2 Visa

An E-2 investor visa is valid for citizens of Taiwan, Mongolia, Turkey, Egypt, Poland, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and many other countries and requires a minimum investment of $100,000. One can purchase and develop a business on that sum of money. 

EB-5 Visa

An EB-5 visa does not require running any business. It is enough to invest $900,000 in the US economy, to create 10 workplaces and show that your money is earned or received legally. In that case, a Green card – permanent US residency – is usually given in a year.

American Corporate Services, Inc. professionals have effectively provided business services in the US for 26 years, arranging purchases of businesses and shelf-companies, registering corporations and LLCs in every US state and over the world. We provide referrals for legal counseling, do the bookkeeping, tax reporting, and deal with other business matters.