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Nominee Services

Nominee Services (Nominee Directors, Managers and Nominee Shareholders or Members) as provided by our company help the owner of the business maintain absolute privacy in relation to the public while keeping full control over corporate matters. By keeping your name off the public record, you can help avert or slow lawsuits, garnishments, attachments and other costly legal situations.

A creditor or plaintiff in a civil suit against you will perform an asset search against your name. If you list our nominee officer, potential creditors cannot easily or directly link the company back to you.

Nominee Directors as provided by our company serve the position of director, but do not have an active role or position in the company. The nominee director is simply providing his name and services such as notarization of corporate documents, signatures, signing of contracts and other simple administrative tasks, serving legally as director, but not managing the business. All business management and profit related tasks are delegated by the means of power of attorney or other corporate authorizations to our client.

Nominee Shareholders serve as company owners and do not have business management rights. Any voting rights in the corporation or limited liability company are transferred to our client.

Nominee managers or members of a limited liability company serve similarly as nominee directors or nominee shareholders and do not interfere with business management tasks.

Full company control is ensured for the business client by means of corporate documents, authorizations, corporate resolutions and powers of attorneys issued in the name of the client.

Nominee Services are a standard offshore service usually provided to owners of offshore companies, however, we are providing nominee services in a wide range of countries and various company types and locations.

DISCLAIMER: The information above is descriptive only, and should not be construed as legal advice. American Corporate Services, Inc. is not a law firm, and does not provide legal advice. Clients should consult with an attorney about their individual situation and legal needs.