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On the US territory:

Legislation of every state requires business entities to have Registered Agents.

Information on a Registered Agent is open to the public and is published on the Secretary of State website.

A Registered Agent sends notices on time and effects correspondence of all legal papers and judiciary documents.

A Registered Agent is usually assigned after establishment or registration of a company, but it can be changed anytime.

American Corporate Services, Inc. offers this service in every state.



Outside the US:

Legislation of all jurisdictions requires every corporation or company in the country to have a Registered Agent.

Depending on a country, a Registered Agent can be represented by:

  • a resident private individual;
  • a local corporation;
  • a foreign corporation, authorized to operate in the country.

Registered agents will timely forward notices and send all legal papers and judiciary documents.

The ACS Company provides the service for all jurisdictions where the main service package is introduced.