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Shelf Companies

Business often requires quick responses to fast-changing realities. The winner is the one ready to use open possibilities faster than others. Sometimes every month or year counts. You may have only a few days to successfully implement a business-idea.

So in international transactions, one may urgently need to engage a registered offshore company or a US company. Having no time for registration, the best option is buying a shelf company abroad. An established offshore in the US or other jurisdiction may become the missing puzzle in a business-scheme or an essential part of a planned international deal.

A shelf company in the US

A ready made “shelf” company is a company that has been registered but has never conducted business and has no assets and liabilities. The key feature for a beneficiary is the cleanliness of its history.

As a rule, when buying a shelf company, you save your time on registration and can benefit right away from the offshore jurisdiction or a registered US company. However, in order to avoid future risks, it is essential to be sure of the credibility of any registration agent selling you a shelf company.

For certain business aims, you may need a shelf-company established some time ago. It can be also described as vintage or aged. For example, while opening an affiliate in several countries or making contracts with an extremely demanding contracting party, new companies are sometimes perceived with mistrust or not considered as partners at all. High-profile partners insure themselves against cooperation with “day-flies” and prefer to deal with time-proven companies.

An offshore shelf company

The need to buy an offshore company may be based on a desire to save or secure your assets. However, that’s not the only useful feature of an offshore. An offshore shelf company can be used to fix former and conduct future transactions, to optimize taxation and also to add prestige in counterparts’ eyes. However, one should mind confidentiality and personal data protection and work only with professional offshore service dealers, who value their reputation.

How to buy a shelf company?

First, you need to decide on the jurisdiction for your shelf company. Then you are to specify if you need a new shelf company or an aged offshore. Prices for shelf companies directly depend on a country of incorporation and age of a company. The older it is – the higher its price.

Beware of cheap proposals. It’s easy to cheapen an offshore by selling it to several clients or conceal additional payments and fees. Unfortunately, there are many shady providers, selling pre-owned businesses with a rich history as shelf companies.

Do you need a California-based company for your business ideas as soon as possible? Or, for instance, do you urgently need an aged firm in Hong Kong to make contracts with Chinese companies? American Corporate Services, Inc. is the best option. We have aged offshores in various jurisdictions, as well as American companies of different operational history ages.

American Corporate Services, Inc. is a licensed registered agent in many US states and for more than 26 years it has helped its clients buy shelf offshores or aged US companies confidentially, safely and remotely. Our professionals will advise you on the matter and provide assistance with an essential decision based on the needs of your business and a particular deal.